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LAX Van Rentals

If you are arriving to the “Los Angeles International Airport” , we will deliver the van to you at airport terminal when you rent your van through First Choice Van Rentals.  No need to take shuttles or taxis.  YOUR VAN IS WAITING FOR YOU AT THE AIRPORT TERMINAL.  YOU CAN ALSO DROP OFF YOUR VAN AT THE AIRPORT TERMINAL.

You can save precious time and money with First Choice LAX van rental rather than renting multiple vehicles to fit your group.

If you have never visited Los Angeles before, you will find that renting only one vehicle will be a major time saver when looking for parking, as well as money saver as many places in L.A. require paid parking.
No need to worry about renting multiple vehicles, our vans can handle groups of all sizes comfortably. If you are looking for affordable LAX van rentals in Los Angeles area, you have come to the right place. Rent 12 or 15 passenger van through our website and make a complete reservation for van rental Los Angeles online and you will receive an automatic 10% discount. Contact First Choice rentals today to reserve your van.

We will be happy to rent your group a van that suits all of your needs, whether it’s on of our 12 passenger vans or 15 passenger vans. We can help you into a van that will suit the size of your group and all of your luggage.

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