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12 Passenger Van

First Choice Rentals offers a large fleet of 12 passenger van  that are fully loaded Express vans with automatic transmission, air conditioning, and CD player. The 12 passenger vans come equipped with a removable bench seat, anti-lock brakes, and rear swing-out van doors with vented glass. The removable bench is convenient for a big group traveling with multiple pieces of large luggage. It also works nicely for large groups going on ski trips, since the bench can be removed for everyone’s skis to fit easily in the back.

Not only is our LAX 12 passenger van a great rental option for travel to and from LAX, it’s a great option for big group trips. Ski trips, hiking excursions, camping trips, road trips up and down the California coastline, theme park trips, and even wine tasting trips are easy to organize when everyone can travel together. Getting the whole group together in one car makes the trips more fun – instead of trying to follow the car in front and being separated from friends and family, the big 12 passenger van lets everyone mingle, chat and have a great time. As the old adage goes, getting there is the best part! Our vans can be driven throughout the state of California, and are not limited to the Los Angeles area. This means that you can pick up your rental van upon arrival at LAX, pile in your entire luggage, and immediately start exploring all of the awesome tourist spots California has to offer.

For all groups, First Choice  van rental also offers 15 passenger vans , which are ideal for large families and groups of travelers going to LAX.

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